6 Reasons to Buy an Xbox One S

In this article we will find out the 6 reasons to buy an Xbox One S. Is it really worth the money or is it just overhyped.

Xbox One S

A good gaming console is a perfect way to spend your free time with loved ones. Nothing can make hanging out more fun than playing video games. You have several options when you decide to pick the perfect console to use. One is the latest from Microsoft, the Xbox One S. Is it really worth the money or is it just overhyped. Here, we look at 6 reasons to buy Xbox One S. After reading this there will be no doubt left in your mind and you will go right ahead and make a purchase that is really worth your money.

1. Affordability

Xbox One S Minecraft Edition

It is just a way to pass time when you are free, not something that you really need. So there really is no need to spend too much on a video game console. At only $299 the Xbox One S is one of the cheaper alternatives you have. Though it may not be as powerful as the expensive consoles, it still brings the fun home and that is enough. If you are looking to save money and also enjoy quality gaming then this is the console to buy. Furthermore, you will not have to spend a dime on a Blu-ray player as the console comes with an inbuilt player.

2. 4K Video Streaming and Ultra-HD Blu-Ray

Xbox One S 4K Video Streaming

Blu-Ray discs require a minimum of 1080p resolution so as to play. The Xbox One S has Ultra-HD capabilities; it displays at 4K resolution which is four times that of the HD TV. The Xbox One S is a 4K media powerhouse. It supports 4K videos streaming from Netflix, Amazon Videos, and other online platforms. As for playing Blu-Rays, they will be played 4 times faster.

3. Lots of storage space

If you are looking for a console with lots of space where you can store your games then this is the right choice. The $299 one comes with 500GB storage, the $349 one has 1TB and the $399 one has a whopping 2TB.

4. Good looks

Xbox One S Slim Design

While this may not be a consideration for many, some people actually do like to look at how great a console looks. The Xbox One S looks really amazing with a slim figure and an option of placing it standing vertically. This leaves more space to put your other electronics on.

5. Ability to play the previous generation games

Xbox One Backward Compatibility

If you have been using a previous model of Xbox then you will appreciate the fact that you can play most of the games you had before on this console. This is a great feature especially in light of the fact that the PlayStation 4 does not allow you to play PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 2 games on it without the use of third-party software.

6. Five games bundle on the standard

There are many bundles you can buy but the standard Xbox One S comes with a total of five games. These are Halo 5 and the Halo Master Chief Collection which has four games; Halo 4, Halo 3, Halo 2 and Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary. There are many other bundles available for purchase but getting the five at no extra money is a great boost.