DirectX 12: 10 Things You Need to Know

Microsoft DirectX technology makes games run far smoother than they have in the past. Here is some information that is imperative to know about the latest DirectX 12.

DirectX 12: 10 things you need to know

With the arrival of Windows 10, it was only a matter of time before Microsoft updated their DirectX software. People who enjoy playing computer games have been anticipating the newest DirectX installment, as was supposed to substantially increase frame rates and lower a computer’s power usage- even when having a computer’s graphics turned as high as possible. In short, it is supposed to make games run far smoother than they have in the past, even if a game’s settings are on high. Here is some information that is imperative to know about DirectX:

Why Switch To Windows 10?

People who want DirectX 12 need to upgrade their computers to run Windows 10. It is not available for any other operating system because they are becoming unsupported and obsolete. What might surprise many people is the fact that there are now tablets and phones that use the Windows 10 operating system- as does the new XBox One. People who prefer to use computers to play games on will not have to upgrade their video cards in order to use the newest installment of Direct X.

Are NVIDIA and AMD Compatible?

Both AMD and NVIDIA will be compatible with the newest version of DirectX. Even though this should not surprise anyone, it should be a relief to know that even people who are using 3D accelerator programs will be able to use the newest version of DirectX without an issue.

Can Developers Alter DirectX 12?

Developers can tap into the newest version of DirectX 12 to completely unlock its full potential. By doing so, it can make games run even faster than what most players are used to. This is possible because developers are given access to a portion of the DirectX hardware so they can optimize it.

What Is The Impact Of DirectX 12?

It actually will make a very large impact on games. It can substantially increase a computer’s performance, therefore making games run not only faster, but smoother as well.

Is It Compatible With Other Operating Systems?

DirectX 12 cannot yet run on Linux or Apple computers. However, there are programs in the works that will emulate the newest version of DirectX for those machines. This is something that should make gamers who prefer Apple computers extremely pleased to learn about.

Will Games Automatically Run Faster With DirectX 12?

Even though DirectX 12 is built directly into Windows 10, that does not mean games will automatically run faster. Software must be written to take full advantages of everything that it has to offer.

Will Older Games See The Benefits Of DirectX 12?

Even games that were designed to run on DirectX 11 or lower will more than likely end up seeing the benefits from playing them on a computer with DirectX 12 built in.

What Sort of Drivers Are Needed?

There will be an entirely new series of drivers for the newest version of DirectX. While this should not surprise anyone who has run a Windows computer before, this might be somewhat new for people who are accustomed to other operating systems.

Does DirectX 12 Work On Consoles?

Because of how it has been designed, new consoles will be able to run DrectX 12 with no problem. This will make console games run far smoother than they already do.

When Will It Be Released?

DirectX 12 is already out and it has been for a while; just as long as Windows 10 has been, in fact.

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